Hi all, I would like to share my terrible experience with agency Agape Confinement Nannies, operating under Reliable Employment Services license.

The agent Melissa Pang Nyuk Pui of this agency applied to MOM for a work permit using my details as employer for a highly raved Nanny Nancy from Msia after I confirmed my booking with them with deposit. But in the end when I discharge from hospital, she sent me replacement Nanny Cheong as she had deployed Nanny Nancy to another household after they complained of the first nanny. During the entire period, Melissa gave me all sorts of lies when I questioned where is Nanny Nancy. The replacement Nanny Cheong that she sent to me was of bad quality and had been rejected by a few employers before me. This Nanny Cheong is plain lazy and more concern with watching her drama on her 3 hps, her cooking is terrible (all she used are light soya sauce & sesame oil for ALL dishes and she used up 1 & half bottle of light soya sauce and 2 bottles of sesame oil during her stint of 6 days with me), has lousy knowledge of chinese herbs and herbal soup suitable for mummy and don't bother to wake up for night feed.

After i complained about Nanny Cheong to Melissa on the 6th day and kept pressing her the whereabouts of Nanny Nancy that Melissa finally revealed that she has deployed Nanny Nancy to another household when she completed her SHN end Aug. This is against the law as Nanny Nancy's work permit is applied under my name and my address. She should not be deployed to other household during my booking period.

After Nanny Cheong was sent away, Melissa had the cheek to arrange for a replacement nanny who look to be in 70s & cannot walk without assist. The most ridiculous part is this old nanny came with a Myanmar FDW who is supposed to help the old age nanny carry out the duties since she is not as agile to handle the work involved to care for a newborn. And the Myanmar FDW is from Melissa's agency. Not the old nanny's own helper. Logically, i rejected this replacement nanny. And in the end Melissa had no choice but to deploy Nanny Nancy back to my house when I insisted to cancel her work permit since Nancy is not working in my household I don't want to be responsible for Nancy.

This whole experience dealing with Melissa has been a nightmare for new mummy who should be getting rest. Melissa is unethical dealing both with mummy & nanny (from the way rude way she speak to nannies), is full of lies. All she is concern of is getting full payment upfront once the nanny reach your house on the first day. She is aware that her multiple actions are against the law but she proudly claimed that she will only get her points deducted and 1 year later her points will be reinstate. No problem for her business at all.

I would like to share my painful experience to warn all mummies & daddies to avoid this agency and especially this agent Melissa if you can. And if you have already unfortunately confirmed your booking with them, do not give them upfront full payment on the first day. Observe whether the nanny is good or not before paying. The last I heard, Nanny Cheong is still deployed by this agency to other customer. This is despite various mummies complaining about her lousy service to Melissa. Because this agency has very limited nannies under them and they only just started providing confinement nannies this year due to Covid. Their main core business was providing FDW in the past. Which explain their incompetence hiring suitable confinement nannies.