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Thread: When should i start trying my child to read?

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    When should i start trying my child to read?

    Hi Mummies and Daddies,

    am sure experienced parents have an answer to this question.. at what age should i start trying to teach my child to read...

    No, its not for my DD..she's 5 & growing but a friend asked me this question recently. And i thought of sharing this question with you.

    Each baby is different. Each home environment is different. Some homes encourage children to start learning things quite early..some homes are more relaxed.. each of them are right.. I am homeschooling my DD till now. She goes to a few classes like gym, music, drama etc but the academics are at that is another topic for another day..

    but back when DD was turning two, we knew she was growing up very quickly. she was getting bolder & talkative. we decided to make a list. a list of all the words that she spoke at that time. Her entire vocabulary. We knew that by the age of three, her vocabulary would have expanded so vastly that it would be impossible to make SUCH at list THEN.
    So we had to make it now. Let me tell you that this was a very rewarding process. Over the next week, the entire household was recording new words on the family laptop IT WAS SUPER the end of the week, we checked and tested and double checked our memories, the gran parents memories and uncles and aunties....the entire list was 733 words It was such a rewarding process that we have it with us Framed until today as a family keepsake.

    We also made a list of words that she could read (a very tiny list)...To some kids, reading is natural, some are adaptive and learn from their parents guidance very quickly, and some are just wonderful kids and give no thought about learning at all

    DO share YOUR experiences.

    and also for those who are eager to start the reading process early, there are supportive & proven methods worldwide. Reading to your child regularly is definitely the least you can do.

    But also DO watch this video:
    This was reviewed by many parents i know as having worked for their kids...

    So love to all of u


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    When you teach your child to read, don't forget to tell him the rules of safe reading for the eyes so that he doesn't spoil his vision. Now many children suffer from myopia.

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    Yes, I have two nieces and they both have vision problems. In addition to high myopia, one was also diagnosed with astigmatism. This greatly distorts what she sees, so I want to order her glasses with special glasses. I found a description of such lenses on the site and I think to turn to them when I have enough money for this. But before ordering new glasses from them for my niece, I would like to know the opinion of the people who used the services of this company. Perhaps someone on this forum ordered glasses for eyesight in this company?

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