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Thread: Any Maid Agency to recommend??

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    Hi! I am also looking for good maid. I am hoping to find one before I give birth to my child next month so that someone will be accompanying my MIL who will be with me during my confinement period and at the same time she’ll be trained by my MIL.

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    I got my maid from Vista Employment. I felt lucky because she seemed to be well trained in cleaning and my kids were at ease with her presence. She seemed to be friendly to my kids and does her work well. Actually vista employment was recommended by my colleague who got her maid from them also and the maid was with them for 8 years already.

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    I’m interested to visit Vista Employment Agency. Can I have their contact number? Do I have to get there to talk to the agent personally or can I arrange through phone calls and get there when interviewing will be done?

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    Hello meoww58
    I would like to recommend Super Star Nanny Services. They have the best confinement nanny agency and also provide baby sitting services in Singapore. I believe that they are charged nominal fee for nanny services.

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    I highly recommend Eelit Placement Agency. The agent - Sherly is very patient and sincere. No hard selling or hidden cost. Everything was very transparent. I got my Myanmar maid around CNY period this year. Started with some language barrier but luckily my maid pickup the language quite quickly. She coping very well in my household and my kids grew to be very close to her.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Was wondering if anyone else here is looking to employ a maid?
    Do contact, my dad(Daniel) at 90606112. its at Katong Shopping Centre.
    They have maids from Indonesia, Myanmar etc. He has been in this business for a few years now.
    Yes, you can say that i am doing some form of advertising here but its only because i honestly want to help to 'promote' my dad's maid agency. Business hasn't been good recently and because of the lack of budget, he can't afford to do advertising such as on classified and whatsoever.
    Therefore, the only form of advertising is by the word of mouth. Because there are soooo many maid agencies around its so difficult for each and every agency to succeed. Trust me when i say he provides quality maids and quality customer service. I'm not saying this because i am his daughter, but since his agency is a small set up, which is better because small agencies can provide better services catered especially for you as they do not have much customers to handle all the time and they will also be able to handle your queries promptly.
    Really hope you guys can give him your support or refer him to your friends or family members who are looking to employ a maid! Just doing a small favor for my dad. Hehehe. Thank you everyone ! Do help to share this post if you can & spread the word!!
    "Customer satisfactions, is his goal" So do trust him

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    Before you call up the maid agency, think about what you want: currently Indonesian maid and Filipino maid are most popular. Once we have decided on your requirement, I will suggest to call a few maid agencies. Look for those with a few years of history or has a brand so that it will be easy for you to go for replacement if you are not satisfied with the maid.

    Be more careful when you select maid. I will go for maid that wear a uniform, this shows she has gone through at least some training in the training centre.

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    Hope this helps! Give them a call and see if you like it. Oh they also have google forms for you to fill up if you're interested.

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    Thank you for sharing!

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