My family once went to Bandung for our holiday last year and we were very satisfied with their service. It is because knowing that we are young family with newborns and several other toddlers (we have 5 kids in total), the boss sent us a female driver who is very caring and patient towards all of our kids. And what’s even more is that when we were going for shopping in Bandung, the driver cum nanny can also help taking care of my newborn so that my wife can relax for a while!

She is such a very caring and super driver since she can have double job like that. This is totally something I have never encountered before, not even in Singapore or anywhere else. She also drives very carefully and can sing many English children songs all the way to the volcano in Bandung, which totally surprised us as parents as we ourselves had no idea all the English songs. So we really miss her so much!

Our holiday in Bandung would never be so nice without her presence. So here I’d like to express our family’s gratitude to the car rental company in Bandung who has provided us such a very good driver and car at the same time. We would more than be willing to pay more knowing that we’d get such a wonderful driver in Bandung, however they gave me everything for just $54 per day! Such an affordable cost to rent a car plus a driver in Indonesia. And she also speaks very good English and now all of my kids really miss her and kind of keep asking us (the parents) to go back to Bandung again so that the kids can meet her again, our super driver and nanny at the very same time! Thank you Bandung car rental with driver and nanny!