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Thread: Highly Recommended : DR. ROSALIND CHONG, MBBS

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    Highly Recommended : DR. ROSALIND CHONG, MBBS

    Dear BabyforumSG,

    I have long been wanting to share this testimony... and just finally got my account successfully activated... and just timely for Mother's Day!

    I have been a patient of Dr. Rosalind Chong since 2008. She was referred to me for my Adenomyosis case... during the course of treatment, I conceived and she likewise, became my consultant eversince.

    Dr. Chong has been like a 'mother' to me, I remember she used to scold me (even my husband), as I was not gaining weight during my first trimester of pregnancy... I thought she was fierce, but I see that it was her way of caring for her patients. ;-) Since then, we entrusted to her our son until she delivered my first born.

    Dr. Chong has been so caring, that I receive whatsapp messages to follow up how am I doing. Fast forward, 2014 my adenomyosis started growing massively, as I have stopped visiting her after giving birth. During my first hospitalization, she advised me that the fastest way to prevent severe pain is through hysterectomy (removal of uterus). {i even consulted another expert at Gleneagles, and diagnosis is the same, hysterectomy is the only solution as my adenomyosis has been growing bigger}... but my husband and I couldn't accept this, as we are still hoping to have my 2nd baby.

    Dr. Chong provided a solution to shrink my adenomyosis, and it has been successful until we reached 6th session of the medication... but once the medication wears off, I began having severe pain again... until this year, that we have decided to finally go through total hysterectomy... and now, I am a lot BETTER than ever.

    Thanks to Dr. Rosalind Chong for all the BEST CARE she has been providing me up to this time... whom I consider as my 'mother'.

    I highly recommend her to any women, mum or expecting mums to consult her.

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all women and to Dr. Chong! Thank you so much for everything! 💖

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    MUMMY LISTEN UP ! I am so pissed off with this unprofessional doctor with 3 things.
    Firstly, her instruments are not even sterilized. Her pap smear sticks is left outside and not in sterile packages like other clinic does. She claimed that she practice it for over 10 years, just by soaking into alcohol solution and not autoclave it? Like seriously, who wants that dirty speculum into your private area. I would not want to catch any disease over it, she could have just asked me if i want to pay for a disposable. I would gladly pay for it. Secondly, her charges are sky high and she so pushy for tests. and those are unnecessary tests. Thirdly, She made a appointment for me and she is late by 45mins. And shes constantly on her phone talking while having consult with patients. Never see this gynae again. Please avoid her at all cost.

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