Hi All,

I have always been a silent reader of this forum and this is my 1st post. I have decided to post this because I personally saw the results and also feel it is worth my time sharing this with everyone.

Background Story

I put on 15kg from my 1st pregnancy and before I could lose the 1st baby weight, I was pregnant with the 2nd one. All in all, my total weight gain for the 2 pregnancies was 27kg. With my 1st pregnancy, I took up 10 sessions of Jamu massage with a Malay lady. She used hot stone & wrapped my tummy but there were NO results.

Like what most people say, confinement is the best time to "reset" ur health. Also I was bent on making sure I slim down this time so I did my research and saw some mummies posted about this Thai lady called Nit, whom they claimed that she transformed them from XXL to S size. I contacted her and she showed me her package prices. My first instinct was OMG this is soooo expensive but after I looked at it from a slimming perspective and did my math, I realised she is not over charging at all compared to the slimming centres outside. Moreover, hiring her means TOP to TOE slimming as opposed to just Jamu massage on the tummy. I then decided to place my faith in her.

More than just a Package

Nit is a very experienced slimming confinement consultant. Hiring her is like having a personalised confinement masseue, a herb specialist (u know like how those traditional people who knows alot about herbs). She is a chatty lady whom you can ask a lot of questions and she can answer you why. She obviously knows what she is doing and has the ability to tweak the amount of herbs to cater to every person's health and slimming needs (this requires skill). She takes pride in everything she does and makes sure you get optimal results out of what you paid for. She speaks like a mother who wants the best for her daughter.

Nit uses many different ways to slim you down & bring you back to pink of health, I shall list a few here but not limited to what I have listed. Of course, the amount you wish to pay for is in accordance to what kind of results you want. Also, she uses fresh herbs compared to many outside who only use dried herbs. Fresh herbs has more effect and the amount of things she brought to my place was an eye opener! It also means a large part of what you paid for is used to buy these herbs (which needs to be imported from Thailand) and if you do the math, you will realise she actually earns quite little.

1. Big Stone - This stone is no ordinary stone we find outside. It comes from the mountain and has it's history. The stone is heated up and placed on parts of your body to aid in slimming.
2. Virginal Steam - It is said to help dry up the lochia and heals your womb. This also has tightening properties.
3. Bamboo - I love this most, this helps to bring the body back in shape and smoothen out cellulites.
4. Body Wrap & Herbal Steam - This also helps to bring the body back in shape and also it is important that we sweat the toxins out of the body.
5. Hip Stepping - This is extremely important to me as well because of how our hips expanded during birth. She studied anatomy and she knows where to step and make your hip smaller.
6. Hot Blanket - I believe this is not new to many and she provides this service cheaper and longer than what you get from slimming centres!

Basically, apart from learning the traditional confinement ropes from her father since 8 years old, Nit is professionally trained and is certified.

I am still undergoing treatment with her and am looking forward to further weight loss! Will update again once I have completed.

For those who are interested, you may go to her facebook at Jitsinee Nit Therapy or take a look at her you tube videos online.

Nit from Jitsinee Nit Therapy @ 93906921 (due to work constingencies, best to contact by whatsapp)

** Please note that the above is written based on my personal experience solely because I think Nit deserves more people to know about her and I am touched by her dedication in helping mummies becoming slim & bringing them back to pink of health.