Hi all, some of you may have hit the end of the road in your IVF journey and dream of starting your own family seems to fade away with each failed attempt of IVF. I can't say we are lucky but the bright side of the predicament we are in is that we knew that surrogacy was the only option for us right from the start. Still, it wasn't a smooth journey. We spent years researching and emailing agencies all over the world. We toiled over our decisions as we compared one clinic to another. As we were about to embark on our journey to start our own family, doors starting slamming shut on us. India and Thailand imposed a ban, Thailand and Cambodia made use of the opportunity to shoot their prices up. Then laws started to change and we realised that we could not put both our names on our baby's birth cert in both Thailand and Cambodia. Then we found Georgia which we could legally have our child under our names but little is known of this ex-Soviet country and again, we began our two year long research, including flights over to Georgia to check on the clinics and the facilities, speaking to successful parents of the surrogacy programmes and a lot more work before we finally decided on the clinic to go for.

It was a tough journey and a lot of hard work, not to mention the fear and uncertainty. Facing infertility is a great deal of stress already and we do not want Intended Parents to have to go through the rough journey we had. Upon completion of our IVF, it was a big load off our chest and we were exuberant. That very day, we decided to use all the experience we gathered over the past years to start a center to help fellow Singaporeans who are seeking surrogacy abroad and with that SGsurrogacy was conceived together with our child.

https://www.sgsurrogacy.com We'd be glad to help you on this journey