Dear all

My confinement nanny is looking to take on new assignments and she can start as early 9th or 10th September

I am currently doing my confinement. As this time round, there is alot of help from my mum, MIL, husband, together with the confinement nanny, there are just too many hands to spare. So I am looking at letting go of the nanny at 2 weeks.

I engaged her for $2000 for 28 days. Her roles include attending to the baby throughout the day and night, feeding and cleaning bathing baby etc, cook for me and husband and general house cleaning. She will wash the baby clothes too.

She is 43 years old and from Muar; very energetic and fit so can really help alot with the chores , on top of caring for baby. So far, when I am up at 7am, she is also up and boiling my longan red date water. She can also cook 4 meals or more if you desired

Do let me know if any of you need confinement help asap urgently etc. PM me your contact and You can interview her since she's here in SG