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Thread: Confinement Rice Wine & Red Rice Wine

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    Confinement Rice Wine & Red Rice Wine

    Confinement Rice Wine & Red Rice Wine
    Great for cooking confinement dishes.
    - Traditional rice wine improves blood circulation, keeps body warm, removes 'wind' and aids recovery of women who have just given birth.
    - We use only the finest ingredients. Rice wine can be kept in room temperature for at least a year.
    - NO added water. NO sugar. NO preservatives.

    Each 750ml bottle of Rice Wine costs only $20.00.

    Each container of Red Rice Wine, weighing appx 1kg, costs only $20.00.

    * Cash on delivery. No deposit required.
    * Please order at least 3 weeks in advance. Late orders are subjected to stock availability.
    * Self-collection at Compassvale Street (Sengkang).

    Please contact or whatsapp me at 96847059 for enquiries. You may also visit my blog at

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    Homemade Glutinous Rice Wine. "A must-have for women who have just given birth or undergoing confinement"

    Interested please call or whatsapp 81868379

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