Hi everyone, i was just enter my 2nd trimester this few days. As for my 1st pregnancy i had a miscarriage on 6 weeks, i was sad at that moment but my doctor tell me i'm young i can keep on trying again.
And finally this year May i get pregnant, but was a though pregnancy i need to go for injection and lie on the bed for months. Till now my baby is doing fine on my 11 weeks on the oscar scan. Today i'm 13 weeks 2 days, I feel pain in my tummy and i feel scare keep telling myself my baby is fine. And was craving for chillled drink everyday. Is it safe to drink chill drink ?? will it hurt my baby ??? And since i was at home resting so i help out my mum on housework like washing clothes, hanging up the clothes, ironing clothes. will this hurt my baby too ??