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Thread: How to increase breast milk production?

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    We used to have the same problem but mine was already solved. You can go for breast massage. I've known a massage lady who really helped me manage my lumpy breast.

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    Breastmilk is also slow to come but my lactation consultant advised me to eat lactation cookies since I don't like the taste of fenugreek. So far its working well but the price is quite expensive which bothered me in some point.

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    Is fenugreek bad taste? I'm planning for it since soup is not working for me. btw, where can I buy fenugreek and those herbal teas you've mention here?

    ..and also, how much is that lactation cookie?

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    After 2 weeks of from my c-sect. I got trouble on breastfeeding. my right breast didn't produce enough milk. I tried pumping it out but I was really scared when blood come out. I was that really scared and almost cried but my MIL told me that its okay, that things really happen especially when the breast got little amount of milk....Since then i had this fear of feeding my baby through my breast and introduced formula milk. but my Mom, keep on encouraging me to breastfeed my baby again but I guess im not ready. I will see to it that my breast produce enough milk before put baby to breast feed again.

    This thread really helps as I got ideas on how can I increase my breastmilk. Thanks mommies!

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    First,reasons for not producing enough breast milk can have many such as stress/fatigue, introducing milk bottle too early, incorrect breastfeeding position.

    Food that can increase breast milk include: fenugreek (available in GNC in the form of a capsule), fennel, oatmeal, unripe papaya, salmon, red dates, sweet potato.

    Last, but not least, you should also need to drink enough water. About 70% of breast milk is water. If your body is not hydrated, it is difficult to produce enough milk.

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    Has anyone tried any of the new formula milk brands mentioned in the article yet? How did your baby respond?

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