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Thread: Anyone have any acne problem when expecting?

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    Anyone have any acne problem when expecting?

    Hi, does any of the mummies or mummies to-be have any acne problem when expecting? Sadly, I am facing this problem. Any advice or remedy? Thanks =)

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    Yes, that could be possible because of the hormonal imbalances that you're facing. The remedy is hygiene, wash your face every morning and evening before you sleep. For more specific treament, please contact a derma.

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    yes its very common. largely due to the hormones. you can check out punggol clinic, i always use them for skin conditions

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    It's nothing to worry. First time I got pregnant I was having a dilemma with acne more than morning sickness. I didn't have any acne while I was still single and a single pregnancy ruined my face so I was not used to it. However, my gynae told me that everything will be alright. The cause is that my body is undergoing hormonal changes that's why acne were coming out. True enough, 2 months after delivery my face was back to normal. So just be patient. Once you'll give birth your acne will all be gone.

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