Following are reviews and comments made on the following Gynaecologists in this forum.
Arranged in accordance to their name from M to Z

Dr Mariam George
Does Dr Mariamm George at Kandang Kerbau Hospital provides best services?
Dr. Mariam George of Kandang Kerbau Hospital

Dr Marianne Hendricks
Comment on Dr. Marianne Hendricks from KKH
Anybody seeing Dr. Marianne Sybille Hendricks?

Dr Mary Rauff
Review for Dr. Mary Rauff (NUH)

Dr Mary Yang
Comment about Dr. Mary Yang
Just new in Singapore and want to know more about Dr Mary Yang!!!!!
Feedback regarding Dr. Mary Yang …

Dr Maurine Tsakok
Have you been in Camden Medical Centre to see Dr Maurine Tsakok???

Dr Michele Lee
Any comment on Dr Michele Lee of Thomson Women's Clinic???

Dr Michele Lee Soo Ling
Anyone seeing Dr. Michele Lee Soo Ling?
Will you recommend Dr Michele Lee Sook Ling of TMC too?

Dr Oei Pau Ling
Dr. Oei Pau Ling from Gleneagles
Services of Dr. Oei Pau Ling

Dr Ong Kheng Ho
Dr. Ong Kheng Ho at Douglas Ong Clinic

Dr Patricia Sim Sai Lan
Dr. Patricia Sim Sai Lan @ Mount Elizabeth

Dr Paul Tseng
How well is your experience with Dr Paul Tseng at Thomson Medical Center???
Review: Dr. Paul Tseng from Thomson Medical Center
Dr. Paul Tseng

Dr PC Wong
Dr. PC Wong from NUH for infertility treatment?

Dr Peter Chew
TTC and seeing Dr. Peter Chew (Gleneagles)
Dr Peter Chew from Gleneagles

Dr Phua Soo Mear
Does Choosing Dr Phua Soo Mear a good choice?
Any idea about Dr. Phua Soo Mear rates?

Dr Poon King Fu
How good is Dr Poon King Fu?
Any comments on Dr. Poon King Fu at Hougang Avenue 1?
Dr. Poon King Fu from Mt. A. (Poon's Clinic for Women)

Dr Pritam Singh
Does Dr Pritam Singh has clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital???
Dr. Pritam Singh from Mount Elizabeth

Dr Regina Zuzarte
Is Dr Regina Zuzarte in KKH?

Dr Roland Chieng
Dr. Roland Chieng - Reviews please?
Reviews for Dr. Ronald Chieng at Mount E Novena

Dr Rosalind Chong
Review for Dr. Rosalind Chong as a Gynae

Dr Roy Ng Kwok Weng
Will you recommend Dr Roy Ng Kwok Weng of NUH?

Dr Selina Chua
How's Dr. Selina Chua as a gynae?
Dr. Selina Chua from Mount Elizabeth
About Dr. Selina Chua

Dr SF Loh
IVF Treatment at KKH under Dr. SF Loh

Dr Shamini Nair
Dr. Shamini Nair - A good doctor from Raffles Hospital?

Dr Sheila Loh
Review : Dr. Sheila Loh (Raffles Hospital)

Dr Soon Siew Bee
Dr Soon Siew Bee was being recommended by MIL

Dr Steven Teo
Dr. Steven Teo of Kandang Kerbau Hospital

Dr Su Li Lin
Dr. Su Li Lin from National University Hospital (NUH)

Dr Suresh Nair
Opinion regarding Dr. Suresh Nair (Mount Elizabeth)

Dr Suzanna Sulaiman
Do you know Dr Suzanna Sulaiman at Kandang Kerbau Hospital??? Please let me know…
Dr. Suzanna Sulaiman and your thoughts about her

Dr Tan Hak Koon
Where could I find Dr Tan Hak Koon clinic?

Dr Tan Hang Yang
Does Dr Tan Hang Yang of Gleneagles charges cheaper?

Dr Tan Kian Sing
Seeing Dr. Tan Kian Sing (TCM)
Anyone tried seeing Dr Tan Kian Sing of TCM???

Dr Tan Poh Kok
Comments: Dr. Tan Poh Kok (NEX)

Dr Tan Yew Ghee
Review: Dr. Tan Yew Ghee from Raffles Hospital

Dr Tanny Chan
i heard some bad feedback about Dr Tanny Chan, how true?
About Dr. Tanny Chan from Gleneagles Medical Centre

Dr TC Chang
How would you rate Dr TC Chang of Thomson Medical Center??
Review: Dr. TC Chang of Thomson Medical Center
Dr. TC Chang from Thomson Medical Center

Dr Tham Kok Fun
An appointment with Dr Tham Kok Fun at Gleneagles.

Dr Tham or Dr Woo
Suggestions please: Dr. Tham or Dr. Woo?

Dr Theresa Cheng
Does Dr Theresa Cheng charges high or low?

Dr Timothy Lim
Am I in good hands with Dr Timothy Lim???

Dr TM Chua
Review: Dr. TM Chua of NUH

Dr Venga
How do you find Dr Venga??? good or bad?
Anybody seeing Dr. Venga?

Dr Watt Wing Fong
Does Dr Watt Wing Fong delivers in Mt. A?

Dr Wee Horng Yen
Any experience with Dr Wee Horng Yen???
Dr. Wee Horng Yen from KKH

Dr Wendy Teo
Dr Wendy Teo of Thomson Women Clinic is my choice, did i made the right choice?
What's your opinion on Dr. Wendy Teo (TMC)?
Please provide feedback for Dr. Wendy Teo

Dr Wong Mun Tat
Dr. Wong Mun Tat from Thomson Women's Clinic

Dr Woo Bit Hwa
Any of you know Dr Woo Bit Hwa of Punggol Plaza?

Dr Woo Bit Wah
Dr. Woo Bit Wah from TWC (Tiong Bahru)

Dr Y.C Wong
Delivering at NUH with Dr Y.C Wong
Any comments on Dr. Y.C Wong? (NUH)

Dr Yam Pei Yuan John
Review for Dr. Yam Pei Yuan John

Dr Yap Li Kee
Pregnancy failed twice, I hope not with Dr Yap Li Kee.

Dr YC Goh
Feedback regarding Dr. YC Goh

Dr Yeap Min
Dr. Yeap Min Li of Thomson Medical Center

Dr Yvonne Chan
Planning to see Dr Yvonne Chan, does she offer reasonable package?
Review: Dr. Yvonne Chan (TMC)
Dr. Yvonne Chan from TMC
TMC's gynae - Dr. Yvonne Chan

Prof Biswas
Anyone here tried the service of Prof Biswas????
Who is seeing Prof. Biswas at NUH?

Prof Cheran
Prof Cheran from NUH (not pregnancy-related gynae)

Prof Chong Yap Seng
Prof. Chong Yap Seng at NUH

Prof Ho Tew Hong
Are you with Prof Ho Tew Hong????

Prof Ng Soon Chye
Any info about Prof Ng Soon Chye???
Prof Ng Soon Chye of Gleneagles

Prof Tay Sun Kuie
New mom here needs info about Prof Tay Sun Kuie