Following are reviews and comments made on the following Gynaecologists in this forum.
Arranged in accordance to their name from G to L

Dr Geraldine Tan
I would appreciate any review on Dr Geraldine Tan???
Review : Dr. Geraldine Tan from Thomson Women's Clinic

Dr Goh Shen Li
Any review for Dr. Goh Shen Li of KKH?

Dr Goh Yong Chew
May i know your feedback about Dr Goh Yong Chew???

Dr Gordon Tan
Dr. Gordon Tan of Gleneagles

Dr GV Nair
Parkway Women & Fertility Clinic's Dr GV Nair - do you like him?

Dr Han How Chuan
Do you know Dr Han How Chuan?
Highly recommended: Dr. Han How Chuan (KKH)
Dr. Han How Chuan from KKH
Dr Han How Chuan @ KKH hospital

Dr Heng Tung Lan
Comments about Dr. Heng Tung Lan please …

Dr Henry Cheng
Have you ever been under Dr Henry Cheng's care?
Feedback for Dr. Henry Cheng

Dr Hii
Any review about Dr Hii would be appreciated

Dr HK Ho
Do you know Dr HK Ho's charge for consultation package??

Dr Ho
Considering Dr. Ho from Mt. Alvernia as a gynae. What is your opinion?

Dr Ho Hon Kwok
Dr. Ho Hon Kwok Review

Dr Irene Chua
How good is Dr Irene Chua at Kandang Kerbau Hospital's services????
Dr. Irene Chua - KKH

Dr James Lee
Any worst experience with Dr James Lee of NUH???
Information about Dr. James Lee (NUH)

Dr Janice Chin
Have you heard about Dr Janice Chin of KKH?

Dr Jasmine Mohd
What's your opinion on Dr. Jasmine Mohd (TMC)?

Dr Jason Lim Shau Khng
So excited to meet my new gynae - Dr Jason Lim Shau Khng

Dr Jeanette Chen
Give me more information about Dr Jeanette Chen of TMC

Dr Jiah Min Lee
Any review about Dr Jiah Min Lee??? is this Dr one of the best in KKH?
Dr. Jiah Min Lee: Great female gynae?

Dr Jocelyn Wong
Dr. Jocelyn Wong from ACJ Clinic at TMC?
Comment about Dr. Jocelyn Wong from ACJ Clinic (TMC)

Dr John Lim
Any good experiene with Dr John Lim at John T L Lim Clinic & Surgery????
Dr. John Lim @ John T L Lim Clinic & Surgery

Dr John Yam
Dr. John Yam from Mount Alvernia

Dr Joycelyn Wong
Care to share about Dr Joycelyn Wong of ACJ Women's Clinic Pte Ltd ?
Any review for Dr. Joycelyn Wong (KKH)?

Dr Judy Wong
Care to share your experience with Dr Judy Wong???
Need to know more about Dr Judy Wong of TMC
Review: Dr. Judy Wong (TMC)
What can you say about Dr. Judy Wong of TMC

Dr June Tan
Is Dr June Tan good gynae? feedback please!!!
Review for Dr. June Tan @KKH

Dr Kang Wee
Let's talk about Dr. Kang Wee of Mount Alvernia

Dr KC Yeo
Need some more review Dr KC Yeo!!!

Dr Kee Swee Hae
Do you know the charges of Dr Kee Swee Hae of S H Kee Clinic for Women???
Dr. Kee W.H from TMC & Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Dr Kek Lee Phin
Review: Dr. Kek Lee Phin (Mount E)
Anyone seeing Dr. Kek Lee Phin @ Mt. Elizabeth Hospital?

Dr Kenneth Edward Lee
Review: Dr. Kenneth Edward Lee
Dr. Kenneth Edward Lee

Dr Khoo Chong Kiat
Do you find Dr Khoo Chong Kiat on of the best in KKH?

Dr Kim Teng Tan
Do we have the same impression with Dr Kim Teng Tan at Clinic B (private), KKH????
Dr. Kim Teng Tan of KKH

Dr Koh Cheng Hua
Where can I find Dr Koh Cheng Hua? Mt A or Thomson Medical Center???
Say something about Dr. Koh Cheng Hua, please …

Dr Kowa Nam Sing
Seeing Dr. Kowa Nam Sing at Mount Elizabeth

Dr KW Lee
First pregnancy with Dr KW Lee of Gleneagles

Dr Law Wai Seng
Dr. Law Wai Seng (Pacific Healthcare)

Dr Lawrence Ang
I need your opinion about Dr Lawrence Ang.
Need more info about Dr. Lawrence Ang …
Bad experience with Dr. Lawrence Ang of Sun Plaza

Dr LC Cheng
Review for Dr. LC Cheng @ TMC

Dr LC Foong
Dr LC Fong Gleneagles Reviews
What can you share about Dr. L C Foong from Gleneagles?
Is Dr L C Foong experienced gynae? please share some review!
Review: Dr. L C Foong @ Gleneagles

Dr Lee I Wuen
I'm thinking of meeting Dr Lee I Wuen of Raffles Hospital.
Comment about Dr. Lee I Wuen @ Raffles Hospital

Dr Lee Lih Charn
Anyone seeing Dr Lee Lih Charn at KKH?

Dr Lee Ngor Sim
I need an additional info about Dr Lee Ngor Sim, please share.

Dr Lim Lean Soon
Dr. Lim Lean Soon from Tow Yung Clinic

Dr Lim Teck Beng
Please Review Dr. Lim Teck Beng of Mount Elizabeth

Dr Lim Teck Chye
May I know how much Dr Lim Teck Chye of Tow Yung Clinic charges ?
Please provide review for Dr. Lim Teck Chye (Tow Yung Wu Clinic)

Dr Lim Yuin Wen
Anyone knew Dr Lim Yuin Wen???
Dr. Lim Yuin Wen Review

Dr Lisa Chin
Dr Lisa Chin is on my list, any experience with her?
Anyone currently seeing Dr. Lisa Chin?

Dr Loh Seong Feei
Does Dr Loh Seong Feei pro normal or not?

Dr Loke Kah Leong
Anybody seeing Dr Loke Kah Leong recently???
Dr. Loke Kah Leong (Women's Clinic Tampines)

Dr Lubna Harharah
Any info about how much Dr Lubna Harharah charges?

Dr Lucky Tun Lan
Review: Dr. Lucky Tun Lan of Parkway East Hospital