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Thread: Can you tell me more about abortions in Singapore?

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    Several Methods of Vengeance by the Infant spirit

    (1) Hatred cause the infant spirit to teeth

    As the saying goes, if a person has a very strong resentment or hatred, it is described as “gritting and gnashing the teeth.” For those infant spirits who refuse to let off their mothers, it is the same. The average infant spirit is transparent, like a child, with no teeth and will not grow any teeth. However, I have seen an infant spirit, because of the deep hatred of the mother, actually grow teeth. I saw him attached itself to the mother’s body, scratching and biting the latter, and is after the mother's life. Thus-bitten mother became seriously ill, and soon died. The infant spirit then chased after the mother in her Bardo-state tearing and biting, the-said situation exactly like as it is in the movies.

    We should not underestimate the small infant spirit; their capabilities are very strong, and very formidable! Those infant spirits who will not let off their mother, when the mother dies, it will chase and follow their mothers to whichever realm the latter is going, entangling for many lifetimes without pause. If one does not encounter the Dharma, get to learn the correct, moral knowledge, and know how to defuse the resentment, and learn to let go, there is no way to know this cycle of payback will go on for how many generations!



    俗话说,一个人如果有很强烈的愤恨,会恨得「咬牙切齿」。对于那些不肯放过母亲的婴灵来说,也是这样的。一 般的婴灵是透明的,像个小孩子,没有牙齿,也不会用牙齿。但是,我曾经看到一位婴灵,由于太憎恨母亲了,居 然长出了牙齿。我看见他附在母亲身上,对母亲又抓又咬,来要母亲的命。那位被咬的母亲因而罹患重病,不久身 亡。婴灵又追着母亲的中阴身撕咬,其情形好像电影里演的一样。

    我们不要小看小婴灵,他们能量很高,很厉害!那些不会放过母亲的婴灵,倘若母亲死亡,他都会一路追着母亲, 母亲去那一道,他就跟到那一道,就这样生生世世纠缠不休。如果没有遇到佛法、遇到善知识,知道要化解怨恨、 放下执着,不知道要彼此酬偿多少世!

    (2) Infant spirits would cause the mother to miscarriage

    With regards to small infant spirits, there is one other situation that is very difficult for them to accept, and that is when after the parents have aborted them, but subsequently have other children. They cannot understand, "My parents do not want me, but how come they are willing to have my brother and sister?" They will find their mother and ask, "Mother, why do you not want me?” And their resentment or hatred will double, and lead them to bring down their anger on their brother and sister; they will torture them, and even cause their mother to miscarriage or induce a stillborn situation, as a method of vengeance. For those infant spirits who harbour a very deep resentment and hatred for the mother, they would take advantage of the miscarriage to harm the mother’s life as a way of vengeance.

    There is an old Buddhist in the association who is very supportive and protective of the Dharma hall. She would always support the activities of the association and try her best to print Buddhist sutras. She was also very serious in her Buddha-chanting. Once, her daughter-in-law had a miscarriage, and she came especially to see me to repent, saying that she is sorry for not taking good care of her daughter-in-law, and asked me how she should repent.

    I saw that her daughter-in-law had an abortion previously, and this miscarriage was caused by the aborted infant spirit. The infant spirit told me, "The miscarriage was caused by me, I actually wanted to take advantage of the circumstances of the miscarriage to harm mother’s life, but I saw grandmother was sincerely devoted to the Dharma, so I did not take mother's life."

    The words of infant spirits are true, please believe and do not underestimate them. These little infant spirits are able to grab the mother's womb, and cause heavy bleeding to the uterine. As we could see, the grandmother is a sincere Buddhist, whose devotion benefited the infant spirit, thus avoiding a disaster.


    对于小婴灵来说,还有一件事情令他们非常难以接受,这便是父母在将他堕掉之后,又生了弟弟妹妹。他们不能理 解:「父母不要我了,怎么还会要弟弟妹妹呢?」他们会找到母亲问:「妈妈为什么不要我?」并对父母的愤恨加 倍,并迁怒到弟弟妹妹,会折磨他们,甚至会让母亲流产、或者出现胎死腹中的情况,这是他们的报复方式。对于 那些已经对母亲有很深的怨恨、来报怨仇的婴灵来说,甚至可能在等母亲流产的时候,趁机要了母亲 的命。

    协会有一位老居士,对念佛堂非常护持,总是尽心尽力印经、支持法会活动。这位老人家本人念佛也非常认真。有 一次她因为儿媳流产,特别来向我忏悔,说自己对不起媳妇,没有照顾好媳妇,问我应该怎么忏悔。

    我看到那位媳妇之前曾经堕胎,所以这次怀孕流产是堕胎婴灵造成的。那个婴灵告诉我:「流产是我搞出来的,我 本来是要趁着妈妈流产,拿走妈妈的命!但是,看到奶奶真的在护持正法,所以就没有要妈妈的命。 」

    婴灵说的话是真的,不能不相信,更不能小看他们。这些怨恨的小婴灵,他能够抓母亲的子宫,让子宫大出血。可 见,奶奶认真学佛,也能够让媳妇的婴灵从中受益,化解了一场灾难。

    (3) Causing the mother to develop serious illness

    Infant spirits retaliate against their mother in many ways, not only through inducing miscarriages. The most common way is to attach themselves to their mother's body constantly; causing discomfort and ailment to the part of the mother’s body where they are attached to. I once saw a very pitiful woman, whose neck had a huge tumour - the infant spirit was inside the tumour. If the resentment and hatred is very deep, then the tumour of the mother would be malignant, commonly known as cancer.

    I also saw an infant spirit sticking to the mother’s body like mud, and the former looks very strange; half-translucent, and the green arteries and veins of the body can be seen. The mother begged me for help, and therefore I tried plucking him off from the mother’s body, but was unsuccessful. I then went to the infant spirit in a dream, found him and advised him, but he was very agitated, and do not want to listen, saying, "I will not let my mother off, do not meddle!"

    Cancer and abortion are related. Often, major diseases such as stroke are also abortion-related. There was a woman suffering from stroke who asked me about the root cause of her illness. I saw she had five small infant spirits around her, and they were pulling on her finger. I asked if she had an abortion previously, and she said, "Yes, I had five abortions previously." These little infant spirits would grab their mother's finger, gradually grabbing the bone marrow, and by that time, she would be completely controlled by the infant spirits, with her life on the line. In this life-and-death moment, the woman was fortunate to have causal connection with Buddhism and learn about the Dharma. I advised her, "Be strong! In order to resolve this enmity, you still would have to sincerely abandon evil and cultivate goodness."

    At this point in time, we can only advise the mother and not the infant spirit, because the heart and mind of the infant spirit is completely pre-occupied by hatred and resentment, and would not listen to the words of others, nor speak to them. They have only one purpose - to go after the mother for revenge, to torment her life-after-life.


    婴灵报复母亲的方式很多,不仅仅流产一种。最常见的方式是附在母亲的身上不下来,他们附在哪里,哪里就不舒 服、出问题。我曾经看到一个很可怜的女人,颈部长了一个很大很大的肿瘤,婴灵就在那个肿瘤里。如果怨恨很重 的话,母亲身上的肿瘤会是恶性的,也就是人们常说的癌癥。

    我还看见一个婴灵,像泥巴一样粘在母亲身上,他的样子很奇怪,看上去像是半透明的,身上绿色的血管脉络都能 看到。这位母亲求我帮助,我就试图把他从母亲身上扒下来,但是不成功。我于是在梦里去找这个孩子,终于给我 找到了。我于是劝他,他很烦躁,完全不听,说:「我不会放过妈妈的,不要你管!」

    癌癥和堕胎有关,中风这样重大的疾病也往往与堕胎有关。曾经有一位患中风的妇女找到我,问其中因缘。我就看 见她有五个小婴灵缠着,他们都在扯她的手指头。我便问她是否曾经堕胎,她说:「是,有五次。」这些小婴灵先 抓母亲的手指,逐渐就会抓到骨髓,到那个时候,她就完全被婴灵控制、命悬一线了。好在这位妇女在生死关头的 时候,能够有佛缘,认识正法。我就劝她:「要坚强!要想化解,还是要靠自己真的断恶修善。」

    这个时候,我们只能劝母亲而不能劝婴灵,因为婴灵的心念完全被怨恨所占据,不仅不听别人说话、也不跟别人说 话。他们只有一个目的——找母亲报仇,生生世世折磨她。

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    (4) Causing the mother to lose her mind

    Infant spirits have great powers. They can disrupt the magnetic field of the surroundings, and cause the mother to lose her rationality. According to the research of modern scientists, the suicide rate of women who have experienced abortion is three times to five times that of women who have not had abortions before. This is due to the mother being controlled by the aborted infant spirit and hence losing her rationality. These mothers would also often flare up without cause, resulting from the interference of the magnetic field by the infant spirit. If the mother does not at this time have the good fortune to encounter the correct, moral knowledge, it will be very difficult to extricate themselves from this pain and suffering. Even if the mother have the good fortune to encounter the correct knowledge, oftentimes because of magnetic interference, she will not be able to accept this knowledge, or not be able to act accordingly even if she did hear.

    Once, I went to Lujiang, and was staying with a worker in the same room. This worker was a very arrogant and jealous person, and enjoy complaining about others. Her sound of her snoring while she slept was very strange, like the crowing of a rooster, and sometimes of “hu” and “ha” sounds. I felt the circumstances were strange, so I meditated and saw two small infant spirit pinching the mother's nose, telling me not to meddle in a severe manner, saying, "There is no good return on a good deed!"

    The next day, I consider the fact that she is a Buddhist, and has come into contact with the educational knowledge of the sages, and took the initiative to ask her, "Have you had an abortion before?" She immediately admitted to it, but in a very dismissive manner. I saw the conversation was unable to continue, and as I could not help her, I let it go. As we could see, the infant spirit understand their mother's state of mind completely, if the mother has not truly repented, and sincerely learn about the Dharma, it cannot be hidden from the infant spirit!

    In addition, I also saw something that is extremely small crawling in the front. Initially, it was a black shape far away swaying towards me. I saw an infant spirit. He had come for revenge. His mother went to the hospital, doused him with medication and had an injection to forcibly squeeze him out. He took in a few breaths, and left in this manner. He could not accept it, and I told him later on, "I will give you refuge according to the Dharma, you must put down the hatred and resentment."

    Some infant spirits are very happy to meet me. They will hug me on my waist and say that I saved them. I asked how did I saved them? They said that something was pinning them down. The truth was they had been divided limb by limb messily, and thrown into a barrel. When we help them to take refuge, they were able to be liberated subsequently and were able to obtain their bodies. This is really incredible! The power of the Dharma is unlimited! Seeking refuge is great! It is able to resolve their dire situation. Why did they let me know so much? This was to allow me to raise awareness and vigilance, and through the fortuitous encounter and knowledge of this event, allow me to see the suffering of all beings, and imbue me with confidence in practice, hence fulfilling the Dharma. What method do we use to save them? We have to rely on our physical and mental strength. On one hand, we can save them, and on the other, we can advise others. My work has always been carried out in this manner. Now the opportunity has presented itself, to sincerely publish in print, go online, and try very hard to help others. This is a good thing, and would truly be able to educate people.


    婴灵们很有能量,他们会干扰磁场,让母亲失去理智。现代科学家研究,认为曾经有堕胎经历的妇女的自杀率是没 有堕胎经历的妇女的三倍到五倍,这就是母亲被堕胎婴灵控制而失去理智所致。这些堕胎的母亲还会常发无名火, 这也是婴灵干扰磁场所致。如果此时母亲没有缘分遇到善知识,她们会很难从痛苦中解脱出来。即使母亲能够有缘 分遇到善知识,她往往也会因为磁场干扰,而不能接受善法,或者听了,也不能力行。

    有一次,我去了庐江,与一个工作人员住一个房间。这位工作人员的傲慢执着习气很重,很喜欢投诉他人,是一个 喜欢嫉妒、傲慢的人。我听到她睡着的时候,打呼噜的声音很奇怪,有时好像公鸡叫,有时又呼又哈的。我感到有 异相,我就打坐,看见两个小婴灵在捏母亲的鼻子,他们很厉害地叫我不要管,说:「好心没好报! 」

    第二天,我考虑到她是学佛的人,也接触了圣贤教育,就主动问她:「你是不是曾经堕胎啊?」她当下就承认了, 但是,却是一副很不以为然的样子。我看话题进行不下去,自己也帮不到她,就放下了。可见,婴灵对他们母亲的 心态了解得一清二楚,妈妈有没有真悔过、真学佛,都瞒不过小婴灵们!

    不但如此,我还看到这么小小的东西在前面爬,起初远远的黑黑的晃来晃去的向我走过来,我看见是一个婴灵,他 是来报怨的。他的母亲去医院给他灌药,打针硬硬地把他挤出来。他喘了几口气,就这样走了。他不甘愿,后来我 就跟他讲:「我给你皈依啊,一定要放下怨恨。」

    有一些小朋友来了很开心啊!会抱着我的腰说,我救了他们。我说我怎么救的?他说他们被东西压住了。原来被他 们分肢了,一块一块的,很乱,被丢在一个桶。我们帮他们皈依、然后他们能够超生,得到他们的身体。真的是不 可思议!法力无边!皈依很好!能够化解他们的灾难。他们为什么让我知道这么多呢?让我好好的提高警觉,让我 能够有这个因缘遇到、看到众生的苦,更让我有信心的修行,圆成佛道。用什么方法来救他们?是用我们的体力、 精神,一方面救他们,一方面来劝人。我的工作一直就是这样做的。现在机会来了,你们发心出书、上网,很用功 的去帮助,是好事,是真能教育人的。

    Mothers who have abortion: sincerely learning of Buddhism will allow mother and child to benefit

    Master says that when a child is reincarnated into a new body, the purpose is either to repay a debt of gratitude or to avenge a grievance, therefore aborted infant spirits can also be roughly divided into two types: the first being children with an original debt of gratitude towards the parents, but after being aborted, the gratitude becomes one of grievance, but there is still gratitude after all, so it is easier for them to let the mother off. The second category is that of the child originally out to avenge a grievance. After aborted, this will result in a deepening of the enmity, and this situation is difficult to resolve. Basically, the infant spirit is sure to follow the mother, and will not let her off.

    In the first case, if the causal connection to learn of Buddhism emerges, this will allow the infant spirit to easier accept taking refuge, and also relatively easier to resolve the rancour with the mother, thereby leaving the mother to go for reincarnation. If such children see their mothers learning Buddhism, they will learn together with their mothers, and if they have deep, virtuous roots, they can even learn better than their mothers.


    师父说,孩子来投胎,不是报恩就是报怨,所以被堕胎的婴灵也大致可以分成两种,一种是原本来报恩的孩子,被 堕掉之后,他与父母的恩变成怨,但是毕竟还是有恩情在,比较容易放过母亲;另一种是原本报怨来的孩子,被堕 掉之后更是怨上加怨,这样的情况就很难化解了,基本上是一定要跟着母亲,不肯放过母亲的。

    对于第一种情况,如果出现学佛的因缘,婴灵比较容易接受皈依,也比较容易和母亲化解冤仇,从而离开母亲去投 胎。这样的孩子看到妈妈学佛,会跟妈妈一起学佛,善根深厚的话,甚至可以比妈妈还要学得好。

    I once saw a volunteer, while she was offering incense to Buddha, there was a little infant spirit following behind her. Light was emitting out of this little infant spirit’s body, indicating that the infant spirit’s Buddhist learning was at a high level. I informed the volunteer of this information, and she said that the child was previously attached to her younger sister, telling her mother, "I was intending to come here to practice, but you aborted me!"

    With regards to the second category whereby the child was originally out to avenge a grievance, the deepening of the enmity resulting from being aborted is very difficult to resolve, to the extent that they would want the mother's life. In such a situation, one has to see if the mother has deep blessings, and whether she has committed very serious sins previously. If the mother's blessings are not deep and she has hitherto committed very serious sins, then her life is at stake. Moreover, at this point in time, this deep vendetta will pre-occupy the infant spirit’s mind and soul, the infant spirit will be unable to listen to someone else's persuasion and explanation. Therefore, it is mandatory for the mother to sincerely change her mindset, cease bad habits, for the knot of resentment to have a chance to be untied.

    Modern society does not propagate moral education and ethics, does not believe in karma and retribution, and there is no knowing the number of people who had abortions numbering in the hundreds of millions! In such circumstances, those originally out to avenge a grievance constitutes the majority of reincarnated births. Relying on modern science and technology, we utilize extremely cruel, appalling methods to abort these children that were originally out for revenge, thus causing the hatred and resentment to deepen, affecting the world’s magnetic field negatively.

    我曾经见过一位义工,她给佛上香的时候,身后有一个小婴灵跟着。那个小婴灵身上居然有光,说明他学佛非常好 。我将这个信息告知那位义工,她说这个孩子曾经附在他妹妹身上,告诉母亲:「我是要来修行的,你却把我堕掉 !」

    对于第二种本来就是报怨的孩子来说,堕胎这样的怨上加怨就很难化解了,甚至他们会要母亲的命。出现了这种情 况,就要看母亲本人的福报是否大,本人是否曾造过非常严重的罪业。如果母亲的福报不大而罪业很重的话,就性 命攸关了。而且,由于此时深仇大怨占据了婴灵的心灵,他基本听不进去别人的劝解。所以必须要母亲真正努力改 变心念、痛断习气,怨结才有希望化解。

    现代社会不讲伦理道德、也不相信因果报应,堕胎的人数不知道有多少亿!在这样的情况下,来投胎的,报仇的居 多。我们又依靠现代科技,将这些来报仇的孩子再用惨不忍睹的方式堕掉,这是仇上加仇、怨上加怨,所以能够令 整个世界的磁场不好。

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    On 11th December 2011, Master performed the three refuge for all the aborted infant spirits in the entire world, allowing infant spirits of the first category – those out to repay a debt of gratitude, to be able to listen Dharma and hence turn back, thereby helping to reduce grievances. However, for those infant spirits who have come for revenge, as the enmity and hatred is too deep and severe, some find it difficult to accept the Dharma.

    In this point in time, the mother's own efforts has become very critical. If the mother can really sincerely abandon evil and cultivate goodness, forsake heresy and return to the path of truth, the infant spirit watching at the side will also be moved, and will shield and sustain their mothers’ learning of Buddhism, rather than hinder and obstruct the latter. In those situations whereby the infant spirit is determined to cling to their mothers and not let go, if the mother who has undergone abortion can really turn over a new leaf, sincerely chant Buddha’s name and be reborn in the Western Paradise, the infant spirit will also follow suit and be reborn in the Western Paradise. In this way, the achievement of the mother’s cultivation will be inconceivable.

    Thus, the mother's heart has to be tranquil, and not be affected by the changes of surroundings and circumstances; do not retreat, do not slack off, and have to honestly, seriously put in effort on a daily basis. In one’s daily life, one has to lay down "greed," "anger," "ignorance," "arrogance," "doubt," these are extremely unwanted! Infant spirits have the utmost loathing of their mothers envying or being jealous of others, making comparisons of loss and gain. If the mother has such thoughts in her heart, the infant spirit understands very clearly, and will despise the mother greatly and will want to get even with the mother, by controlling the mother's mind, causing her to flare up without reason, or inducing her to be irrational, to the extent of causing her to think of committing suicide. Hence, it is very important for the mother to have upright thoughts! She has to silently repent within the depths of the soul, purify her mind, and the infant spirit will be able to receive real benefits.

    With regards to the infant spirit, whether they can be reborn in the Western Paradise, be liberated from the Bardo state, will be dependent on whether they can give up their mothers. It is their freedom of choice, and cannot be compelled by others. For those cases whereby the infant spirits cannot give up their mothers, if the mother can chant Buddha’s name and be reborn in the Western Pure Land and achieve Buddhahood, the small infant spirit will also follow the mother and achieve Buddhahood.

    Therefore, mothers who have undergone abortion, as mothers of such experience, they will have to first learn to let go, not discriminate, so allowing the infant spirit to receive the same message. If the mother can let go, not discriminate, the infant spirit can also gradually let go, and allow the mother to go free.

    二零一一年十二月十一日,师父给全世界的堕胎婴灵做三归依,可以令第一种报恩的婴灵因为听闻佛法而回头,从 而帮助减少怨气。但是对于那些来报仇却被堕掉的婴灵来说,由于仇恨太深太重,有些很难接受佛法 。

    这时,母亲自己的努力就变得非常关键了。如果母亲能够真正断恶修善、改邪归正,婴灵在旁边看到会感动,他们 会护持母亲学佛,而不是障碍母亲。对于那些就是要缠着母亲不放的情况,如果这位堕胎的母亲能够真正回头,真 正念佛往生西方极乐世界,那个婴灵也就会跟着往生西方,这样母亲修行的成就不可思议。

    由此可见,母亲的心要定,不要被境界转,不能退心,不能懈怠,要每天老实认真地做功课,日常生活中真的要放 下「贪」、「瞋」、「癡」、「慢」、「疑」,这些很要不得!婴灵最讨厌的就是母亲嫉妒他人、比较得失。母亲 有这样的心念,婴灵很清楚,他们会很鄙视母亲并且非得要找母亲算账,控制母亲的心念,让她生无名火,或者让 她胡涂,甚至让她想要自杀。所以,母亲端正心念很重要!要在心灵深处默默洗涤,净化自己的心念,婴灵就能够 收到真正的利益。

    对于婴灵来说,他们是否能够往生西方极乐世界,是否能够解脱中阴身的状态,就看他们是否能够放弃妈妈。是否 放弃都是婴灵们的自由,是他们自己的选择,别人强求不得。对于那些不能放弃妈妈的情况,妈妈如果能够念佛往 生西方净土成佛,小婴灵就跟着母亲成佛了。

    因此,曾经有堕胎经历的妈妈,作为堕胎的妈妈,就要先学会不执着、不分别,这个心念婴灵能够收到。母亲能够 不执着、不分别,婴灵也能渐渐不执着了,能放过妈妈了。

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    As far as I know, abortion in Singapore is legal. I have been seeing the same gynae ever since. His name is Dr. Jen Shek and I think he also provides abortion services. I'm not sure if his clinic is still located at Ang Mo Kio Ave though. Just to be sure you can visit his website at

    As for the cost. Dr. Jen also provided a breakdown of the abortion procedure here:

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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