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Thread: Did you get your confinement lady from PEM confinement agency?

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    My cousin has advised me against using PEM to provide my confinement lady. She had a bad experience with the agency because they pulled out her confinement lady on the day of her delivery.

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    3 months after caesarean to a healthy baby boy (4kg) in late Aug 2015.I need to share my thoughts on PEM confinement nanny agency. I changed 3 CN during the whole month of confinement.
    Yes…. 3 CN, all 3 nanny which are supposed to be experienced and dedicated in their work as promised by their agency. I was so naÔve to trust the words by their salesman. They promised 2 meals a day, daily bathing of newborn and taking full care of newborn at night in order for mummy to have sufficient rest and highlighting all the do’s and dont’s of proper care and nourishment during the confinement period for better recovery of strength and health for the mummy during her weakest moment after giving birth to a new life.
    Nightmare 1 on the 1st day we arrived home, CN Yuen Liru arrived in noon and start to prep her stuff after a brief introduction. After 3days of dilly dally, we changed her. Reasons: she just can’t or purposely don’t do things fast enough.Every meal need 2-3hrs to prep,the whole day will be cropping inside the kitchen chopping or washing vegetables.We can bear with the slowness if she can take good care of the newborn but the last straw came when she don’t even know the use of “RUYI Oil” to be applied on the newborn. ***Angry***
    After some paperworks with PEM, 2nd CN Rude Lee Qixiang came.Worst nightmare of all, cos we invited a thief and a liar into our home. I bought 3 bottles of Yomeishui and 3 bottles of ginger wine and 4 bottles of DOM and about 30packets of herbs from Eu Yan Seng for this confinement period. This Lee Qiuxiang worked for 10days and left after a heated quarrel. Yes!!! Quarrel with a weak mummy who is still recovering because I shut off the TV when she is watching. Without fail,the 1st question on every CN lips when they arrived, was to ask my SO for the wifi pw. She would be watching drama streaming from her hp, chatting with frens and watching TV at the same time on the sofa everyday at 7pm onwards.Everytime I asked her which one she wants to watch,she said she want to watch both.. She would bring my newborn and expose him under the TV set as she don’t want to miss her show.Feeding milk with her eyes glued to the TV.*Angry*Also during cooking,she would either wear her headphones while engaging in loud talks on her hp or she would be watching streaming on her hp. She also has difficulty waking up to change diapers/feeding in the night and she will show me an angry look whenever I ask her to wake up at night to change diapers/feed.During feeding, she will complain say auntie also need to sleep but when I ask her to zzz early,she say she cant zzz before 12am. WTH…
    Caught her using cold water to shower my newborn as she lazy to wait for the hot water, caught her cooking food to her taste as she don’t like to eat ginger.When confronted, she will tell lies and say we malign her.WTH… she still can tell me that my newborn enjoys and loves to shower in cold water. Caught her using tissue to just wipe off the wok after cooking. Caught her also using tissue to clean the rice cooker.OMG, what did we just witnessed.Defiant also when asked her to re-cook the plate of meat as felt it was not done properly,she just dumped the whole plate inside and take up again..*Totally Stressed out*
    Finally on the 10th day,Frustrated , i shut off the TV she was watching as she was multitasking again with her hp and TV, she stared and shout at me for not letting her relax. Hello, I paid for a CN to help me out,not to relax… What a rude lady!,Send her packing without checking her baggage was a big mistake cos I found one of my Youmeishui missing and also the box of grapes which we bought earlier in the day also gone. Called PEM and complain but they insist that their CN did not take our stuff. During her stay,CN Lee Qiuxiang also gave us a scare when she plug a wet electrical kettle and caused a loud boom which black out our flat, luckily only our kettle is the only casualty. She must be a very experienced thief as she purposely kept a big bag in the kitchen and stole the wine when she left. Also a very smart thief to only take the bottle and leave the empty packaging box behind to confuse us as it was only in Dec 2015 that we found out.(Empty packaging box left behind.) Replied from PEM is that they called up the CN and she say she didn’t take.*LOL* Which thief will admit to their crimes.
    3rd CN Huang Hailian,60yrs old. She informed that she is old so body will be slow. Caught her dozing off during night feeding and drop the milk bottle on the floor a few times. As my newborn takes a long time to burp after feeding, she will hug him and doze off while waiting to burp. I am worried that she will drop my bb as well so I have to stay awake to supervise her every night. Whenever I remind her when she dozes off , she will reply that ; although she fell aslp but her hands is still holding onto the newborn tightly. What if ? what if ? ….

    I engaged a CN to make my life easier but it went the opposite way. I have to constantly be on my toes to supervise and monitor everything. I never fully recovered after caesarean ops. This is one of the worst services i ever encounter and it happens during a new mother weakest moment. The agency never once provided any comments or services to us.*SAD*
    I must be real unlucky that all 3 random CN that they sent are a nightmare as we did not specially request for any nanny.
    Don’t bother reading up their facebook good reviews as we can’t post on their facebook as they will not allow bad reviews on their pages.

    From a suffering and angry mum.

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    I m writing as a first time sharing our experience on PEM CL 丽君 LI JUN Tan Lih Kun(#1002) 31 Oct to 22 Nov 2016. (Pardon for poor grammars or English sentences)

    Some backgrounds
    We, newly wedded in 2015, stayed alone without our parents, so basically we managed our our cooking and housework. We did not want our parents to go through the taking care of baby process again hence decline help from them. Baby was born end Oct 2016.

    Service engaged with PEM
    1) Confinement service
    2) Herbal package
    3) Post Natal Massage

    There are certain issues that we are unhappy about, but will not go into too much details.

    1) Attention to baby, 9/10 (but too much carrying, every time baby cry, she will carry him immediately)
    2) Cooking 4/10, too much usage of salt
    3) Cleaning 2/10, I have to re-wash all my plates, woks, utensils again, vacuum the floor myself and have to keep wipe my cabinets after her cooking, with oily stains.
    4) Deteriorated my stove and knifes 5/10, I only bought my stove 1 year plus ago, now the metal stove grill has changed color from dark grey to light grey with roughness texture on it. My knifes are dented with uneven marks.

    Despite all the above, we are still able to close one eye as my focus is on my baby and wife.

    Now, I m going to share on the issue that why we terminate the CL.

    This the issues started only last Tuesday on 22 Nov 2016.

    My wife went through C-Sec, hence the massage was rescheduled to a later date in view to allow the wound to be recover properly.

    21 Nov 2016

    The first session of the massage was done in my spare room,(door close) I was on leave on Monday but work from home.

    22 Nov 2016
    I m back to work, as per norm.

    The CL entered our master bedroom on 22nd November and opened up my bedside drawer without permission, and most importantly it happened when no one else was in the room. My wife was having her post natal massage done in the other room, and was required to returned to the master bed room to get another towel. If not she would not have caught the CL red handed opening the drawers. And we cannot imagine what could have happened if she wasn't caught then.

    When confronted, the CL excuse was that her ears were itchy and was desperately looking for cotton bud.

    I can close an eye that she entered the master bedroom, since she has to help my wife , and may be required to enter the master bedroom at times.
    However would anyone of you open the drawers of your boss's bedroom to look for things without permission, and without her in the room?
    Especially when she know the chances of her catching in action is slim as my wife was having her post natal massage done, and won't be around till an hour later. Would not anyone be angry even if our best friend do that to us, let alone a helper that we barely know.

    Frankly, even if we give her the benefits of doubts that CL had a bad itch, and was really looking for cotton bud, is it right for her to search my bedroom for it? And even if the cotton bud is in my drawer, which is a NO, is it right for her to take without asking? It doesn't matter what contents, be it diamonds or cotton buds, that she was looking for; the fact is, it is definitely not right for her to open up the drawer of someone else's bedroom to look for things.

    Even though nothing was lost, we were very upset to hear that PEM expect us to accept the reason that the CL's ear was itchy and was searching for cotton bud, and hence to resolve the issue without further explanation, or rendering us assistance.

    It is also meaningless that PEM advice us to inspect her luggage as it was fortunate enough that my wife happened to step in the bedroom at the right time to intercept any valuables stolen.

    We no longer can trust her and decided to terminate her service

    Lastly, before the CL left our home, she said to say to my wife that if she wanted to steal, she would have done so earlier, so if there was an opportunity earlier, she would have done so?

    We have emailed in to PEM for a explanation but none of the customer service acknowledge or reply.

    Once again, please do think many times before engaging PEM services.

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    Homemade Glutinous Rice Wine. "A must-have for women who have just given birth or undergoing confinement"

    Interested please call or whatsapp 81868379

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