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Thread: Can anyone recommend a good confinement lady?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky View Post
    Agree with pinkybluebling! I having my confinement with her now. Indeed she is really a humble & easy going confinement aunty. Her food is really healthy (less salt & not oily) yet is still yummy. Very experience aunty. Unfortunately aunty Siew lost her phone so the above hp number no longer in use.
    Here is her new number 017-6567282 or 91628033.
    Aunty Siew doesn't know how to open message, so is better to call instead of message her. She might not pick up your call while she is busy. So good luck to who ever need her service. And hope that she won't lost her hp again.
    Thanks to this user and couple others who recommended this Auntie Siew, I went to hire her, even though the posts here are 2 years old. I have had 4 other confinement nannies over the course of time and I can safely say that this CL is the worst ever.

    I only hired her out of desperation and started searching on the internet as my original CL can't extend into the 2nd month as she has emergency back home.

    I'd just fired her 10 mins ago because of three things that happened today that anchored my decision. Before I tell you guys what happened, I need to tell you that in the last 6 days since she has been here, she has made numerous glaring mistakes that have made me very upset. I know she is a nice and easy going lady, below is the summary of how she is incompetent as a CL, cuz since she has been here, I have barely slept, cuz I constantly keep an eye on her:

    1) Poor eyesight, so when I asked her to warm breast milk from fridge, she has difficulty gauging how much to pour into bottle. Also have to use syringe to feed baby wind medicine, guess who has to do it everytime since she cannot read the markings on the syringe?

    2) Clumsy and blur. Can't even screw milk bottle properly to save her life. Ended up wasting half my precious milk whilst testing temperature.

    3) Because she is so blur and incompetent, I wake up in middle of nights to bring milk to her to feed my baby. I told her to wake him up to feed in next half hour. She urged me to go rest, which I did, Cuz I haven't been sleeping well since she came. Next morning, I discovered she slept thru' and didn't feed my baby till he woke up on his own. He slept thru 7 hrs and for a 4 weeks old baby, that is not acceptable and he needed to be woken up for milk.

    4) Passive-aggressive behaviour - on her 2nd day, she came to me saying she has no food, only veggies and asked for permission to fry an egg. I was puzzled as my maid has portioned food to her. When I told her that, she said my maid didn't cook for her. OMG, who does she think she is, that she needs my maid to cook for her? When I said that, she said 'No la, paiseh to take the meat'. Don't make it that I don't give you food when you clearly didn't want to cook your own food.

    5) She is super disorganised and can't seem to stick to a schedule. I have to keep chasing her to give him a bath etc...

    6)This is a shocker - for someone who has apparently 10 years of experience, she doesn't know how to burp a baby over the shoulder. I have never seen a CL not able to do that. My maid who just learnt how to care for a baby in the last 2 weeks can do it better than her. So we had to teach her how to do it, cuz that's the way my baby liked being burped.

    7) Says stupid things to me when I was stressed when baby had feeding issues like... "I have never seen a baby take so long to bf, I think your baby is 'qi guai' - i.e. strange. How dare she calls him strange? Every baby is different. And she says it sooo often till I had to tell her off on her 3rd day.

    8) She can't do something simple like turning on the stove. I have to get out of bed to turn on the stove for her, if not she might spoil it!

    There are more instances where she has shown so much incompetencies, is disorganised and inexperienced, and these are just few examples mind you. What good are you if you can't be trusted to do simple things like transferring milk into bottle, waking baby up to drink, turning on a stove, can't burp baby apart from sitting on lap?

    The triggers for firing her today were based on the following:
    1) She forgot to turn off the stove and I discovered it few hours later. I always check on her and thank God I discovered before my house went up in a smoke.

    2) I discovered she hasn't put washing gel into my baby's bath in the last 2 days as she didn't know where to take it (cuz last 5 days she was so incompetent, my maid was helping her with it and we did show her where the bottle was kept)

    3) My older son came to me this morning with a pair of dentures he picked on the floor. Made my son wash his hands with disinfectant! I was beyond words when I confronted her. I told her it was filled with bacteria and how could she left them lying around!!! Guess what was her response? She said she didn't leave them around, she just couldn't find it from last night. Whoever loses their dentures? Go figure!

    So guys, if you wish to hire her, please do so at her risk. I know people are going to say I am mean to do this to a poor old lady and that she is so poor thing & that she needs business, but I feel I need to warn others what they will get themselves into. Not turning off the stove was the ultimatum for me.

    Btw, she also goes by another name 'Lan jie' as her real name is Ah Lan, and she is known as Auntie Siew to some as she used to be called 'Siew Lan'.

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    Hello everyone. My family produces good quality Ang Zao (Red Lees Glutinous) Wine for confinement cooking needs. Ang Zao is a fermented wine made traditionally by the Hock Chews and Hakkas. Benefits of consuming dishes made with Ang Zao include dispelling of excessive 'wind' in the body, reduces bad cholesterol levels, enhances blood circulation and encourages detoxification. If you would like to order or find out more on the recipes using Ang Zao wine, please contact Brandon @ 9184 7214. Thank you!

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    I am a new mummy-to-be and I have chanced upon the aixin confinement centre.
    Do any one of you recommend that?

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    Hi all. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences with confinement nannies on this thread and I hope the parents are doing fine now.

    For the parents who are looking for CLs still (and don't have an idea of where to start), I'm helping my mum, Ivy, to let you know that she's available as a stay-in confinement lady - and in all honesty, I think she's very capable for the job and nice to boot.

    She's Chinese, age 57, Malaysian, speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, and a bit of English. She can fulfil all the usual expectations of a confinement lady - cooking confinement food, taking care of the baby around the clock (especially the night shifts), helping with breast-feeding and pampers changing, giving advice for the mothers about taking care of the baby, minor household chores- and just making the newly parents feel as comfortable as possible as they adjust to the new lifestyle (with a new kid, or the changing dynamics of having an additional kid).

    My mum is highly experienced. She just came off a 4-year nannying stint with a family who took her on as a nanny after engaging her as a confinement nanny for their first child. They had twins after that, and my mom looked after them as well. Prior to this, she was working as a confinement nanny for several years.

    My mum is extremely responsible, friendly and caring. She cooks well (she is one of the star 'chefs' of my family when it comes to CNY). She's agreeable and won't be fierce at the newly parents when it comes to giving advice. As the eldest of her 9 siblings who grew up in a single-mother household, her motherly instincts and practical household knowledge are top-notch. She’s very hygienic and works a lot towards making the house a clean and neat environment. Anyway, she raised me well and I couldn't have asked for a better mum.

    If you would like to set up an interview in Singapore, please whatsapp her at 9887-5881 (her name is Ivy). Thanks for your time.

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    Do not engage Aunty Chua
    I had previously engaged a confinement lady called Auntie Chua (found out later her full name is Chua Seei Ngon) to help me do my confinement in singapore. She is from Malaysia +60 17 989 1***. I asked her what she does and if I need to prepare anything but she said no. She said I have to transfer a deposit of $500 to secure a place as she is very very busy and there's a lot of customers looking to engage her for that month. I deposit $500 to the bank account she gave me under " LEE YEE KHAI POSB Saving 028-67431-7"
    and then suddenly she stated her terms and conditions where I MUST give her a room for her to sleep alone with baby (made me worried that she's gonna do something bad to baby or feed baby sleeping medications if baby don't sleep) , she does not do ANY housework or laundry, I must give her angpao before and after she starts and her work will depend on the angpao(?) etc. Nearer towards my edd I tried contacting her but she never reply my phone call. I used a different number to call her and she picked up but everytime she does that she always say "baby is crying" and immediately ended our call. Up till now I have no news from her, I think she ask blocked my wa and she did not refund my deposit.

    I have made a police report to report her actions. I've also decided to post this experience up just so that no other mummies would go through this kind of bad experience.

    All mummies please be careful of who you are engaging as your confinement nannies.

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