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Thread: Can anyone recommend a good confinement lady?

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    Hi mums!

    And also, for confinement lady I recommend KAL Consultancy Pte. Ltd. They provide experienced confinement ladies for you.
    What I recommend for you is to go through an agency as we know, we can't possibly SAVE every cent. My colleague got caught for hiring confinement lady & nanny without work permit. How dangerous was that! So what I recommend is to go through this agency.
    I have contacts for you, do not hesitate to call them! We are all experienced people so lets do things safely Get caught and we have to pay more so do consider that! Just caring for you mum

    Give me a moment! Let me get the contacts for you:

    KAL Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
    Andy HP: 98586801
    Office: 62854668
    Fax: 62854667

    All the best to you mum! As people bless me, I have to bless and SHARE with others as well! Hope it helps!!

    Take care!

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    oh yes!! and if you are looking for dessert tables for baby showers and kids' parties, search for Savenly on Facebook, Instagram and Carousell! They are good. Because they have helped me a lot thats why I am promoting for them!

    My friends have recommended them to me and my side, we have tried before. They are good! They do for dessert table and they are able to customise according to your kids' theme and requirements. The good thing is that they give you the flexibility to choose your own desserts and also if you want to order elsewhere, they allow it too! They will still style for you. Very generous and understanding young entrepreneurs! Do give them your support! They can also do for baby shower so you and your cousin and find them

    They also can prepare baby or kids' favours for you where they can do photo-card printing for your events. You can print your baby photos on the card and customise it! It was super cute and we all love it. People love it and they wont throw it awayy unlike normal gifts like cups and all. You may wanna consider!

    Give me a moment! Let me get the contacts for you:

    91878521/ 81826057

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    Quote Originally Posted by mummielee View Post
    Hi, I tried calling Auntie Siew these few days but both her sg and msia numbered are turned off. Do you know if she's changed her number? she told me that she'll call me on 4 or 5 dec but till now I haven't heard from her and my confinement is next month! Thanks!
    Hi mummielee,

    Can I ask if Aunty Siew contacted you in the end? I intend to take her as my cl.

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    I've engaged auntie Chong to be my confinement nanny for my second child! I think her tonics and soups are so good and helped my body to recover well that I got pregnant when my first born was just 9 months. Heehee.

    She's in her late 50s. No known chronic ailments.

    She's been coming to Singapore to take care of babies for more than 10 years.

    Where she's from!
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    As like the first time, she continued to cook yummy food for me. I really like to have herbs in my food, which is the main reason I hired her cos she's versed in all these "herb" knowledge. Secondly, she makes awesome soup. Do check out the images at the bottom of the post. She won't cook the same dishes for days unless you request it. But I did! I love her mee sua with fish and fried ginger bits.

    She does cook for my parents and in-law when they are over. Also, she cooks a separate dish for the hubby and herself while I have my confinement meal.

    Pro-breast milk!*
    Auntie Chong is pro breast milk! She will make lots of milk boosting soups and food for you to eat. Using a mixture of herbs and wine, you can expect food non stop throughout the day. She does massage on the breasts if the duct is blocked. Be warned, it's extremely pain. I consider it as pain as squeezing the colostrum out. (Maybe my pain threshold is super low :/) For feeds at night, it really depends on you. If you don't mind fm or already have EBM in the freezer, Auntie Chong won't bother you and will heat it up on her accord. But if you want to nurse baby, then she will bring the baby to you. it's your choice!

    She used to hand wash baby's clothes for me. But because I have an older child, I told her to just use the washing machine and save time to take care of the little one.

    Household chores!
    Like before, I wanted a nanny to just take care of my baby and myself. I don't have a helper, but my hubby would help out with the chores. Auntie Chong would help to clean up the kitchen after she cooks. When she's free in the afternoon, she would help mop the floor or fold my laundry too. Basically she can help out in small areas when the baby is asleep. After all, the priority is to make sure the baby is okay.

    For the child - Auntie Chong would massage my son with baby oil and then bathe him. For first-time mommies or mommies who need refresher course, she'll gladly teach you the steps again!

    For the mommy - If you have bought the herbal bath sachets, she will get ready the bath water for you.

    She's Malaysian and her dialect is Hakka. So she can speak Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka and Malay fluently. She's not confident in her English but I think it's ok. She's had Caucasian and Indian customers, so if they can understand her, I think it's not that bad as she thinks it is.

    Sleeping arrangements!
    She goes where the baby goes. Auntie Chong sleeps with my baby boy in the baby room on a sofa bed.


    She's very helpful and not demanding. Will always ask you what kind of food you like and ask you if there's anything you crave for. She's best at Chinese food, so she can't cook any other type of cuisine. Auntie Chong is not demanding that you follow her or the traditions. The decision still lies with you. For example, I had a bad case of stomach pain one night. It's probably too much wind. The next morning, she made me some ginger egg soup with probably spoonfuls of DOM. It tasted like hot vodka. After a few spoons, I gave up. So in the next few meals, she poured some of the soup into my dishes to mask the taste.

    She's very keen to share her knowledge on taking care of children with people. My mom is not very savvy with taking care of newborns so Auntie Chong would teach my mom and I. And I'm super thankful for that cos we are super clueless.

    Lastly, Auntie Chong has a cute little group of confinement aunties. They are like a gathering of nannies (mini association!). They connect regularly via phone and meet ups at Auntie Chong's place. They do call Auntie Chong when she's in Singapore but they don't chit chat on the phone. (I'll be worried if she talks on the phone for long hours cos my mom is already very talkative and naggy). More of like asking each other how is she doing now and which part of Singapore is she at. Again, I feel that auntie Chong is also human and probably needs some social activity to keep her happy. If you think about it, she's actually alone in Singapore and working at your place 24/7. It's quite scary isn't it. I don't think i can do it.

    Ok super long post! I hope it's exhaustive enough!

    I'm writing this post cos Auntie Chong is very dedicated in taking care of babies. Her children are doing well enough in their career for her retire but she still enjoys her work. I'm still in contact with her regularly because she and my mom are friends now. They go out together to do auntie things like shopping at Chinatown and to the temple.

    Contact me if you want a good nanny! or text me at 93886999

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    Location: KL, Malaysia (but willing to travel)
    1. Cooks really good food
    2. Use to take care of my breastfed baby girl
    3. Not calculative
    4. Very open & friendly
    5. Very attentive to baby & mummy's needs.
    6. Speaks mainly Cantonese or Mandarin. Very basic English.

    If interested, do contact me at for her number.

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    I would like to recommend my confinement lady auntie sherry.
    handles the baby well and will patiently and professionally coax the baby to sleep every night without any complaints. Every day, she will prepare tonics for me without fail and I felt that I was properly looked after.

    Also, the food that she cook is great. Not oily and salty which is what me and my hubby prefer. Her speciality has to be her vinegar pork trotters. Understand that most of the family that she has taken care of before always would request for her vinegar pork trotters during the full month celebration.

    I do feel that she is a genuine lady. I do remember seeing her rather sad on the day of her departure. And she even bought a dress for my baby daughter as a present!!

    Let me know if u are keen on her contact.

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    I will like to recommend my CL, Auntie Chua. She is friendly, clean and careful with baby. She took great care of me and baby. Cooked very nice food for me and hubby. She is patient and showed great care for my baby.
    Her contact is +60179891771

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    I would like to recommend my CL who just help me during confinement period. She prepare nice confinement food and take good care to my baby. My husband and my elder like her very much. If you are interested, please message me via 85884361.(she still available for early of December 2016)

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    Hiya! I would like to share with everyone a very thrifty & reliable confinement nanny I've engaged. Her name Wen Jie. I engage her through confinement nanny agency She cooks well, very experience in taking care of baby and very friendly. Best is she knows how to train our baby not to ask to be carried all the time. We are very happy to have her during my confinement month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingbell View Post
    After reading the latest post above, I'm so glad I did not choose Aunty Lian. I was deciding between Aunty Siew (May Ng) or Aunty Lian.
    Aunty Siew is really very good. Today is her last day with me and all of us are sad to see her go. My family (My parents, Husband and etc) likes her a lot as she helps out not only with baby and me but also helps in mopping and sweeping the entire house. She will always clean up the kitchen after using (cooking my confinement food). I can say my baby son is not easy to look after as he wakes up every 2 to 2 and a half hours to drink milk thus Aunty Siew hardly have any sleep throughout the night but she still wakes up diligently to feed my son and takes really good care of me. I breastfeed my son during the day and at night Aunty Siew wants me to sleep well so she will feed 2 to 3 times of milk powder. Lastly as mentioned and recommend previously by someone in this forum (somewhere in Sep 2013), Aunty Siew does brew very good soups especially the green papaya fish soup which indeed helps to increase my milk supply.

    Overall, I will highly recommend Aunty Siew (May Ng) to anybody who needs a stay in confinement aunty who can cook delicious confinement food, brew good soups, and will let you have a good night sleep. her contact numbers are: Malaysia (60166113048) Singapore (+6584206146).
    Thanks to this user and couple others who recommended this Auntie Siew, I went to hire her, even though the posts here are 2 years old. I have had 4 other confinement nannies over the course of time and I can safely say that this CL is the worst ever.

    I only hired her out of desperation and started searching on the internet as my original CL can't extend into the 2nd month as she has emergency back home.

    I'd just fired her 10 mins ago because of three things that happened today that anchored my decision. Before I tell you guys what happened, I need to tell you that in the last 6 days since she has been here, she has made numerous glaring mistakes that have made me very upset. I know she is a nice and easy going lady, below is the summary of how she is incompetent as a CL, cuz since she has been here, I have barely slept, cuz I constantly keep an eye on her:

    1) Poor eyesight, so when I asked her to warm breast milk from fridge, she has difficulty gauging how much to pour into bottle. Also have to use syringe to feed baby wind medicine, guess who has to do it everytime since she cannot read the markings on the syringe?

    2) Clumsy and blur. Can't even screw milk bottle properly to save her life. Ended up wasting half my precious milk whilst testing temperature.

    3) Because she is so blur and incompetent, I wake up in middle of nights to bring milk to her to feed my baby. I told her to wake him up to feed in next half hour. She urged me to go rest, which I did, Cuz I haven't been sleeping well since she came. Next morning, I discovered she slept thru' and didn't feed my baby till he woke up on his own. He slept thru 7 hrs and for a 4 weeks old baby, that is not acceptable and he needed to be woken up for milk.

    4) Passive-aggressive behaviour - on her 2nd day, she came to me saying she has no food, only veggies and asked for permission to fry an egg. I was puzzled as my maid has portioned food to her. When I told her that, she said my maid didn't cook for her. OMG, who does she think she is, that she needs my maid to cook for her? When I said that, she said 'No la, paiseh to take the meat'. Don't make it that I don't give you food when you clearly didn't want to cook your own food.

    5) She is super disorganised and can't seem to stick to a schedule. I have to keep chasing her to give him a bath etc...

    6)This is a shocker - for someone who has apparently 10 years of experience, she doesn't know how to burp a baby over the shoulder. I have never seen a CL not able to do that. My maid who just learnt how to care for a baby in the last 2 weeks can do it better than her. So we had to teach her how to do it, cuz that's the way my baby liked being burped.

    7) Says stupid things to me when I was stressed when baby had feeding issues like... "I have never seen a baby take so long to bf, I think your baby is 'qi guai' - i.e. strange. How dare she calls him strange? Every baby is different. And she says it sooo often till I had to tell her off on her 3rd day.

    8) She can't do something simple like turning on the stove. I have to get out of bed to turn on the stove for her, if not she might spoil it!

    There are more instances where she has shown so much incompetencies, is disorganised and inexperienced, and these are just few examples mind you. What good are you if you can't be trusted to do simple things like transferring milk into bottle, waking baby up to drink, turning on a stove, can't burp baby apart from sitting on lap?

    The triggers for firing her today were based on the following:
    1) She forgot to turn off the stove and I discovered it few hours later. I always check on her and thank God I discovered before my house went up in a smoke.

    2) I discovered she hasn't put washing gel into my baby's bath in the last 2 days as she didn't know where to take it (cuz last 5 days she was so incompetent, my maid was helping her with it and we did show her where the bottle was kept)

    3) My older son came to me this morning with a pair of dentures he picked on the floor. Made my son wash his hands with disinfectant! I was beyond words when I confronted her. I told her it was filled with bacteria and how could she left them lying around!!! Guess what was her response? She said she didn't leave them around, she just couldn't find it from last night. Whoever loses their dentures? Go figure!

    So guys, if you wish to hire her, please do so at her risk. I know people are going to say I am mean to do this to a poor old lady and that she is so poor thing & that she needs business, but I feel I need to warn others what they will get themselves into. Not turning off the stove was the ultimatum for me.

    Btw, she also goes by another name 'Lan jie' as her real name is Ah Lan, and she is known as Auntie Siew to some as she used to be called 'Siew Lan'.

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