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Thread: I知 trying to conceive again. Do you have any advice?

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    Hi! have you thought about IUI and IVF? I too has been ttcing for almost 2 years so i decide to try IUI and it hopefully find positive in one of these days.

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    I felt sorry your miscarriage. Are you ready for ttcing? that's the question you need to ask to yourself. Because the process does not only involve physical readiness but also emotional and financial... if you think you are ready on those aspect then with a right gynae, things will run smoothly.

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    Hi! I know how you feel coz we are in the same shoe. I am trying to conceive too and failed for countless time. this time, hubby and I are considering IVF. We will meet my gynae next week for some instructions about the IVF process. i hope it will work this time.

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    I'm sorry about the miscarriage. Try to relax and have a positive mindset. Do not let stress affect you. Always have family and friends to support you during your journey on having a baby, most especially under the guidance of your OB every once in a while.

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    Take a visit to your OB and see if you are in good health to get pregnant again. Sometimes it's good to consult a health professional for assurance.

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