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Thread: Right time to have intercourse when TTC

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    Hello ladies!

    I am currently ttcing! I just want to think you for creating and making this thread. this is truly helpful for like me. As i go through your discussion, I found new ideas and will apply it. but i just got confusion on the part "doing intercourse alternately or doing it straight in a week during ovulation period." hmmm, which one is really effective?? well, i guess i got to try both...hehehe

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    Hi Ladies,

    I have 14 unused ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test Kit (Test Stick Refills )for sale. This Ovulation Test Kit let us know exactly when we are ovulating so we do not need to guess. I bought 20 kit set and successfully tested pregnant after 2nd month so left with 14.

    Best time to have intercourse is after getting a smiley face on the test kit.

    Expiry date is Jan 2017. I just bought 2 months ago.

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    Do it during the fertile days where you are ovulating the strongest.

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