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Thread: Issue about smoking

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    Hello kyendys, my husband and i have tried so hard to conceive. After 4 years of trying, i finally got pregnant. However, we are smokers too - bad smokers i would say. I tell you it was really really hard to quit smoking after learning that i was pregnant. Husband felt the same. But we decided it together to stop smoking for the sake of our '4 years in the making' baby.

    Believe me, i had cravings and even dreamed of cigarettes while i was on the process of quitting. It was a very tough road to take but we survived because of our will and determination to keep the baby safe as much as possible. Every time i have cravings, i usually take deep breaths or eat some candy. During those times, my mouth even watered every time i saw someone smoke. What i did was, i talked to my baby and asked him to help me quit. Babies can do that really. You just have to have faith in yourself that you can do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyendys View Post
    Hello all. I'm pregnant for 5 weeks now and i'm guilty of smoking. Husband keeps on telling me to stop but i find it hard to quit because he smokes too so i lack the will to do so. I know lots of people will think that I'm a bad mother but i am really trying my best to quit smoking. I am fully aware of the danger it will cause to the baby i'm carrying but to quit smoking is harder than stop eating my favorite dish.

    Somebody help me please ...

    Hello kyendys, i was a smoker for i can't remember how long.
    Even smoked through the entire pregnancy stages with my son. And i reaped the consequences.
    Sad to say, i have a baby who loves to cry all the time, literally. He was like that since day 1 until he was a year older. I had sleepless nights because he cried for no reasons at all. I think it was because of all the nicotine i kept on feeding him when he was still inside me. Good thing, he's a bit calmer now. He just turned 3 years old two months ago. That experience have really helped me to quit smoking. The cries and screams of a baby were the turning point.

    I know it's really hard to quit smoking but i suggest you do it gradually so your body will not be overwhelmed by the changes. For doing it gradually, try smoking Kent Infinia. It has less nicotine and low tar content. After quite some time of using that, you will get bored thus easier for you to quit altogether.

    You might think it's a great sacrifice now but i tell you, your baby is worth more than the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemychild View Post
    Hi mummies <3<3

    I came across this survey done by this group of poly students . I did the survey and it seems good. I mean, they are trying to understand us so that they can improve the facilities/clubs such that it will be more beneficial to us. Why not we help them so that all of us can enjoy it later?
    What is this survey for? Can this help smoker moms to learn how to gradually quit smoking for the sake of the baby?
    I'm a smoker myself and also trying to conceive. Went to several doctors to improve fertility but it seems like the nicotine has affected me too much. And now my husband and the rest of my family is helping me to slowly quit. I hope this will work.

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    It's hard to quit smoking but for your health and for your baby's sake you have to give up the bad habit. You can also convince your husband to stop smoking while you're pregnant or smoke away from your area.

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