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Thread: 2 months pregnant and still no baby bump… Normal?

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    Four months pregnant mum here.
    My baby bump is only obvious to those who take time to stare at my tummy.

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    My baby bump appeared when I was 4 months pregnant. I had a delicate pregnancy until the baby was born healthy.

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    Hi Yi Ling! Congrats! Just don't forget to travel carefully and eat healthy.

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    Pretty normal but I know the feeling, I'm now 5mons pregnant so I'm really showing but when I was on my 2 months, my bump wasn't that visible. I just looked fat,lol. I asked my friend who was 3 months pregnant about it and when she showed me her belly, I couldn't even tell if she was pregnant at alL! Her tummy was so flat! So yeah, that's normal, it's different for everyone, so don't worry. I'm sure when you're on your 2nd trimester, you'll be showing a baby bump soon.

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