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Thread: Everything will be fine at second trimester?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaslynteo View Post

    my last 2 pregnancy brought me discomfort plus the legs cramps. My doctor advised me to intake more fluids especially during day time and eat nutritious foods especially those rich of potassium. leg and foot massage will also a great help.

    Yah follow the doctor instruction.

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    It's usually better at 2nd trimester but it's different for every woman. I'm now in my 2nd trimester and I feel so much better now, less nausea, more energy, no leg cramps and such but I had a friend who was vomiting and nauseous all throughout the 2nd trimester.

    Try to avoid crossing your legs and drinks lot of water and place a pillow underneath your feet for the leg cramps.
    Then for the diarrhea, I had a brief episode of it and my OB told me to stop drinking milk for a while, worked for me.

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    Indeed. I'm at Week 19 and am still experiencing pretty much everything from First Trimester- the never ending bloating after every meal / drink, heartburn, frequent urination (esp when I lie down), insomnia, dizziness, shirtless of breath, constipation, Itch.

    I can't walk for long too and it affected the ability to travel to work as climbing stairs / walking upslope makes me light headed all the time.

    Most gynae I seen told me these are common pregnancy symptoms. Antacid did not prove effective for my bloating so I'm suffering every day as eating / drinking makes me uncomfortable. Lying down to rest is a no no as it makes the situation worse so I did not get much rest when I was on HL/MC. For the past few months, I have been getting little sleep thanks to bloating and the countless visits to the washroom, leaving me very tired in the day.

    Fingers crossed. Hoping the situation will improve soon.
    This is my first pregnancy and I'm below 30 years old. Am not sure why my pregnancy experience is so difficult :-(

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