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Thread: Postpartum Vaginal Pain, Itch and White Discharge

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    That is of no doubt infection. Just don't leave it untreated then you'll be fine. By the way, you should be discourage of your gyne. She should have realized the chances of you getting postpartum infections and prescribed prophylactic antibiotic. tsk.

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    Yeast infection is the most common vaginal infection in women because yeast or candida is already present there. It will only multiply when stressed or giving birth since there will be lots of nutrients during pregnancy that will feed on the protozoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I was only given pessaries. She told me to see her again 5 days from now.
    Hi Michael, are you a guy?

    See your gynae, she knows how to treat yeast infection especially for new mothers. This is common as I had it after giving birth via natural delivery.

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    No need to scare it is little common. you should visit to gynae

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    Yes, see your gynae. Your doctor knows which medicine you should take to relieve itchiness. This problem of yours is common among women.

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