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Thread: What should and shouldn’t pregnant women eat or drink?

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    I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, anything i can and cannot eat?
    Worried that I would have complications.

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    Hello Everyone,

    As you know a good and healthy diet is the key to having a smart and healthy child. But some mums are not aware of what is good or bad for their baby and their itself.

    What to Eat:-

    1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetable
    2. Take atleast 1000 mg calcium or dairy products
    3. Take more fibre diet.

    What to Avoid:-

    1. Take less Caffeine
    2. Avoid Alcohol
    3. Don’t smoke

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    I have read somewhere that eating papaya can cause miscarriage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drsumitasofat View Post
    I have read somewhere that eating papaya can cause miscarriage.
    Yes, it's true.

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